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Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding Anniversary, tree lopping and road repairs...

Hello moover and groovers;  

Louie here and just to start the blog off with a bit of a laugh, that's Guru Lou below doing my cane toad impersonation!   It was our wedding anniversary, and after a very so-so lunch at Peppers on Blue in Nelly Bay, (15.6.11)  we decided to repair to the coffee shop at Arcardia and indulge in some very good gelato.    

Why a so-so lunch you ask?  Well the service was well below par, considering the place had only 3 tables for lunch including us.  The waiter (who looked about 12)  gave us water glasses, but no water (I fetched a jug from the bar) and the shared entree had no side plates or plates of any sort until I grabbed some from the back of the brekky bar.  Slack!  Ah well, they won't get our patronage again.  

OK enough whining from me!  Weather = beautiful at the moment; its 24c today and sunny, but the nights are cool - 9c last night - and early mornings are about 12c or so;  you can easily spot the tourists here  - they are wearing shorts and bikini tops and the locals are in long sleeves and tracky pants.  I'm told that after a hot summer here, I will feel that 24c is akin to arctic weather and will be dressed like a local in 'winter clothes'.

Sorry for not blogging b4 this, but the net has been well S-l-o-w  here and it was taking absolutely ages to upload photos, so I decided to wait until it sped up.   Which I hope is Now...

Now as I said a few blogs ago, we are seriously looking to buy a home and not build one (it costs about the same) plus we are out of the hair of Matt's folks; living under their house is fine, but like the old saying goes "fish and house guests stink after 3 days", and we arrived on 2nd April!  

Me outside the Arcardia Hotel 15.6.11

So Matt and one of our neighbours, Ted, have been clearing our block of land in preparation of putting it on the real estate market.  But the dreaded Cyclone Yazi had done its worst, and knocked over several of the trees on our block;  We managed to get them chopped down, but the last 1 metre or so of the trees remained on the land, and if we want to sell it, they have to go.

So with steely determination, Ted and Matt decided to tackle the bloodwood stump on the land.  Ted used his trusty chainsaw, but could not fell the beastie;  they used wedges and chocks and after about 4 hours of solid digging, heaving and sawing, (and with my whole 55kg pushing hard while Ted pulled) we had the thing out of the ground.  A huge effort by all.  The block looks fab now as we got the stumps pulled out with an excavator.

the dreaded stump with the wedges in;  17.6.11; Ted and Matt

Nearly there!

After 4 hours of digging and cutting; success!

On our way to our favourite beach, Florence, we noticed the road has come into very bad repair; we know as our back axle on our little Charade car practically broke when Matt was driving there about 10 days ago;  Now being the pro active power couple we are, we grabbed a shovel and bucket on our next visit and attempted some repairs using some gravel that was nearby; much to the amusement of the tourists and local driving by.

Here is Matt hard at road repairs on road to Flo Beach 19.6.11- sadly they only lasted a few days.

Sad news; our lovely gym at the end of the road in the resort, is no more;  apparently some dispute with the current leaseholders, and someone came and took out all the equipment!  Bugger!  So we are now bushwalking to keep the fitness levels up and we shall look to buy our own weight set in the future...

We also have became couch potatoes in the last few weeks.  We have been watching the old 1976 TV Series 'I, Claudius' starring Derek Jacobi and John Hurt;  I saw it in the UK back in 76, but thanks to the torrence sharing web sites on the Net, our chum Al passed it on to us, knowing how much I loved it.  Matt had never seen it before, and peoples, if you get a chance do view it, its absolutely stellar TV. (Matt loved it.)

We did a today (27.6.11) a 5 km bush walk from Nelly Bay to Arcadia and back and I feel nackered to say the least.  

Shall close now,  we are still have irons in the fire re a house in Horseshoe Bay, but again, I am being cautious until I can say more...   my readers will be the first to know, but things look good so far...