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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeling hot and sticky

G'day all...

Well I have to say, Matt and I are doing something today we do not normally indulge in -
for those of you with a boggling mind,  I have to spare your brains racing,  and say we had to put the air con on...

Which lately, is unusual, the ceiling fans normally do the job of keeping us cool.
Its 33C and the humidity is creeping around and for once, even I, the reptile who loves the heat, is feeling a tad warm.   Yes, I, the woman who said she loves it when the temps soar into the 30C area of the mercury, has had to admit defeat, grab a cold drink and sit listening to the ceiling fan whirring and the purring of the cold air.  Aaaahhh - Lovely...

Now, as I mentioned at the end of the last blog, we had our chum, young Navarone from Newcastle NSW  staying with us for 2 weeks, and he had an action packed time.  Matt took him fishing, (I was excluded as we only have 2 rods, and 2 fold out chairs - but a bit of 'male bonding' is a good thing), and we all went snorkelling at Florence Beach,  and fed the wallabies at Geoffrey Bay.   (For those of you who won't know a Mr Butler (I believe it was, but I can't find confirmation on the Web) named the bays around the island after his brood of children, we also have Alma Bay and Arthur Bay too.

But I digress -   we enjoyed having Nav stay - and any teenager who thinks I look good in a bikini is welcome here anytime.

Navarone with Matt's stinger suit on - this stops the Box Jellyfish

stinging as it can't contact with flesh - Florence Beach; 10.1.12 (see link above for info on them)

Navarone meeting some of the local rock wallabies 13.1.12 

At the local skate park, 12.1.12 (Matt had a go and fell off and hurt his wrist, but I've been told to keep quiet about that)

Nav loved the horse riding so much he went twice.  15.1.12

Oooh! Err!  Dig those the action men!  Matt and Nav on jetski 21.1.12

Rock climbing at Arthur Bay; I, wisely, stayed on the sand - too much exertion for me ...19.1.12

Louise and Nav after dinner at Noodies Mexican - 9pm - local beach - 21.1.12

So after he left on 22 January, we decided that now our guest had gone, it was time to take the bull by the horns, and get rid of the excess baggage we are carrying.  Matt bought a weight set in town and we are also going for hour long walks and running too;  I am trying to give up the choccy, but as any addict knows, its hard I tell you; HARD!!  I've developed back strain /sciatic nerve probs too, mainly due to the spare tyre around my hips pulling on my lower spine.  Now if that doesn't give me a kick up the Arsenal to lose weight, I don't know what will.  

On 24th January  at 3am we had a massive, huge storm (again) over Horseshoe Bay, which resulted in the power being cut off for 12 hours!   I couldn't Adam & Eve it  - sorry that's the Cockney rhyming slang coming out in me - ( believe)  it?  Too bad if you have any life threatening conditions, cos you've just died.

Luckily for us, we had the generator that we took on our trip around Australia ( which sprang into life and saved our fridge/freezer from melting in the 32C heat.   We kept calling Ergon Energy to be told it would be restored ASAP, but at 3.30PM we got a result when the electric came on again.  Not happy Ergon, Not Happy...

To change the subject re: a different kind of Sh*t - I should also mention we have 2 night time visitors to our deck, who make fertiliser for us:  

Our resident female possum 24.1.12

Our resident rock wallaby; a female, she has a joey in the pouch but its not seen in this shot:
the possum is also female and they kind of get on OK the two of them: sometimes they compete
for food, but the wallaby backs off and comes back later... Or is smart and gets in first!  24.1.12

When we moved into the house we were going to get all green and eco friendly and buy a worm farm, BUT it is easier to give the scraps to the above, collect the droppings, sit them in a bucket of water for a bit, and use the diluted 'tea' on the garden plants...  The plants love it, and are thriving, especially the tomatoes.

Worms need watering most days, so this system (I think) is much easier and these two look much prettier than a bunch of hermaphrodites!  (Worms, that is people, not my odd bunch of pals...)

Apart from that life has been back to work, work and more work, but as the rainy season is upon us, the bookings will probably dry up.  This may be a good thing as the house needs a few things done to it, and as I am so fond of saying, if you clean for a living, the last thing you want to do when you get home is get the Vacuum out!  

Please leave any comments ;  see also magnetic-diary/ :  I have my own FB page for the blog!  Woo Hoo; 

Kind regards to all my readers


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia day!

Just to let you all know I am working on (slowly) getting a Facebook page linked to the blog; if you want to have a look go to

a new blog coming soon, we have just waved goodbye to Navarone, who had a fantastic time for the 2 weeks he was with us.  Lots to tell about that...

stay tuned...