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Sunday, June 12, 2011

June adventures continued...

hello blog readers 

Not much again to report from here on Maggie; Yesterday I went into Townsville to get my hair done at Beck Jane West Salon in Denham Street; Beck is the best!  I walked in with my roots in a terrible state, and after an hour or so, she had worked her magic, and I walked out looking fab...  I then did a quick round of the shops in the new mall that is being slowly opened up and then realising it was just gone 4.10pm I decided I could make it to the 4.30pm ferry and the terminal if I briskly walked... Wrong!  I saw that at 4.25pm that time was running out, so I started doing that - running!  But I was way too slow off the mark and just as I arrived the boarding gates closed.  What was annoying was that the ferry sat there for a few minutes before taking off -  although jumping over the barrier and trying to get on the damn thing did cross my mind.  Then I thought that holding 2 shopping bags while attempting such a manouvre in a tight skirt would so NOT be a good look.  So... I heaved a sigh of resignation, and sat down and awaited the next ferry at 5.20pm.  It was dark by the time I arrived home at 6pm and Matt was beginning to think I had been captured by Martians.   There is one downfall to living here I have found, and that is the ferry service.  Don't get me wrong, its good, but expensive, its about $9.00 one way, and they run about every 45 minutes; and of course, there is no alternative!  I could swim or try and persuade someone with a boat to take me on the 20min crossing, but I doubt if either option could be realised.   
Matt says my swimming style is like a brick.

It is actually on the cool/cold side today, (sat 11.6.11) and I woke up about 3am pulling the big blanket we have over myself and Matt, making it a 2 blanket night when usually only a sheet does the job...

It absolutely pissed down about 1030pm last night and today the cloud has continued over the island like a big grey felt hat.  So we decided after brekky that a walk to Arcadia via the walking track would be a good idea of a cool, cloudy day.

View from walk to Nelly Bay to Arcadia; 11.6.11 

Did I mention that the walk in total is about 10km?  Hey, no prob as we have been bushwalking a-plenty on our trip around Australia... But that was a few months ago and my legs begin to protest after about 20 mins or so of fast walking, and they absolutely howl like a striking waterfront worker when I attempt the medium grade walking track.  I realise I need to up the ante the next time I go to the gym - which Matt has also joined by the way.  We have both become a bit 'teddy' after that 9 months in the campervan.

After lunch and coffee, we go and have a look at the local wildlife; rock wallabies: Note to the B52 fans among you; I'm sure a song called Rock Wallaby could be just as big as 'Rock Lobster' was?  If anyone reading is good with lyrics, you heard the idea from me first and I'll expect 10% royalties - OK?

some of the local rock wallabies having a feed; 11.6.11

Walking back along the main road I had to take a picture of this sign outside the Arcadia Pub;  this is what the locals do on Maggie Island for fun...

I have to admit I have been to the toad races years ago, and its good fun;  11.6.11

OK Amigos;  nearly time for me to go...

 Just one more handy hint from Guru Lou - this one is for the ladies... Girls; does your jewellery case/ drawer/ box look like an ugly tangled mess?  I have the answer - do what I did and next time you are in the bank, ask them for some zip lock money plastic wallets (say you have loose coins you want to sort out). 

The good thing about getting these is that they are FREE - (my second favourite F Word)!  If you want you can buy the zip lock Glad sandwich bags for kids lunches (small size).  I also grab a handful of those plastic bags on the rolls at the supermarket veggie section and I use them for all sort of things, but that's another story and I am digressing...

 Grab a handful of bags and grab your jewellery;  sift through the turmoil, and put every single piece into its own bag;  this is best done when watching a movie, with a glass of red, in front of the TV.
Now, when you have done this, edit further;  Do what I did; I got some 30cm or so boxes that have had some face stuff and other products in,  and into these I sort one box for bracelets, one for earrings, one for necklaces, and one for brooches; (all contents in the plastic bank pouches).  Now what I do is have these boxes on my dressing table for ease of use, but they can be put into drawers and used.  You now can put your bling on easily... No more fumbling around;  everything is on view and trust me, it makes getting ready to go out a breeze...

adios amigos;  louise