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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The moon in June - 2011

dear discerning readers of the blogosphere...

sorry for not sending out a blog earlier than this; we are running around looking at houses after deciding that building was going to be more expensive that buying; and wow! have we seen some god damn awful places for sale;  talk about where the old Laminex goes to die...  But we may have found what we want.  Just a qualifier for those of you who don't know me that well. I so try not to be a person who says 'I'm doing this or that' without following through with the deed.  Like my dear old dad used to say, 'don't open your gob and just let your stomach rumble'.   

Sooo....  please bear with me, and I hope to have some good news on the home front by the end of the week or next week if all goes to plan.

But I'll just keep you abreast of what we have been doing lately.

On Sat 4th June Matt and I were sitting on Florence Beach when we saw a lady with a paper sack picking up the rubbish;  we got chatting and her name is Heather and she volunteers to clean up the beaches on Maggie Island; Bless!  So while Matt went for a swim I joined her and we picked up loads of junk;  so many thongs (shoes for the UK readers) were washed up probably from the Cyclone? (if we found knickers I would be really amazed) - so we bagged them, but of course there was only one of each pair...

Heather with our bag of junk we found on florence beach; 4.6.11

Here's me with the same!  4.6.11

It was World Ocean Day also last saturday and we met some marine biologists at Arcadia beach earlier who were absolutely fascinating to talk to.  
After this effort we decided to go into town to see 'X Men -First Class' which was good;  special effects were excellent and Kevin Bacon plays a bastard which is not a role he normally does, but he does it very well I have to say.  

Matt was able to catch up with some old pals from his youth who were over on maggie island for a 40th Birthday bash; We met them on Florence Beach on Sunday 5th, there was about 10 of them including children and we all had a lovely time making swimming pools in the sand and filling them with sea water;  yeah  - ok,  I know, I am easily amused!  Interestingly, these kids actually took to me,which is odd;  I always say "Dogs love me, but children run away screaming."  (Must be the new LouLou perfume I was wearing that day....)

Also on Sunday was a FAB garage sale at the end of the street in the medical centre;  I grabbed some bargains for Ebay (or She-bay as my pal Carmen calls it) which I shall list soon.

Matt kindly took me to lunch today (Tues 7.6.11) to Nudies Mexican at Horseshoe Beach; which serves up a mean nachos which we shared.

Noodies Mexican Restaurant  Horseshoe bay; 7.6.2011

Then we took a walk along Horseshoe beach which is opposite Noodies to find this lovely but alarming sign...

Beware of the deadly jellyfish!  scary eh? 

Those irakandji jellyfish are a bastard; they are only the size of a 20c coin and are practically invisible;  Not often fatal, but an American tourist did die from a sting from one about 7 or 8 years ago.   Fortunately opposite this sign was a netted enclosed swimming area with lifeguards.  My feeling was that this sign was to scare the pants off any tourists, so that the enclosure got used... I have to tell you that the stinger 'season' is from October to may, so by now they will find the water a bit too cold?  (It was 27c sitting on the beach today, so what a stinger finds as cold I have no idea!)

We have also been visiting Matt's Nana Joy who was pictured in an earlier blog, and taking her dog Rusty for walks.  The dog absolutely dotes on Matt, realising I think that one day he will be with us, (Joy is 91 but still going strong).

Not much else exciting I can think off so I shall close now and post again later on next week.

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adios amigos!  Louise