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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Housing capers...

Tues May 31, 2011

dear moover and groovers; 

 Louise back here on the blogosphere telling you all about our recent adventures in Troppo Land;

Not much has happened in the last week, Matt has finished his 6 weeks working in Townsville at the Dept of Housing and has lived to tell the tale. We received a call today (Tue 31.5.11) from the Dept asking Matt to go back again, but he declined as we are running around like chooks with no heads trying to get somewhere to live organised.  I have been dragging myself to the gym but that bloody spare tyre is proving hard to shift...  I shall persevere.

Aunty Lyn flew back to the Gold Coast last Saturday (with doggie) and we caught the ferry in with her to Townsville, and after bundling her into a taxi, we went to the Cowboys Leagues Club for a snack before venturing to the movies to see 'Source Code'  which was very good;  4 Stars from me;  and I'll throw in a bit of extra info, and let you know it's directed by Duncan Jones;  'Who the  hell is that?" you ask;  well it just happens to be David Bowie's son!  And a very talented chap he is too;  we saw his other movie 'Moon' which is also very good.   Check them both out if you can...

And speaking of living somewhere,  the latest is that we are now seriously thinking (and looking) at buying, not building a house! Yes - I can hear the gasp of surprise from here, but honestly, it's a bit of a buyers market after that bloody Cyclone Yazi smashed (almost) into the island.  It would cost us $290 + to build and we have just seen a 4 y/o house with 4 bedrooms going cheap ($300k) and we are sorely tempted;  plus we think that we may be wearing out our welcome living under Matt's folks...  It's always a strain having guests at the best of times, and a house build would take 6 months...  Too long we feel;  We have made an offer on the house mentioned above and we will see tomorrow if it is accepted.

The Real estate agent is trying (of course) to play hardball, but as I always say, 'You can't con a conman' (or woman in my case)!  

Being a Londoner and having a dad who thought he was a bit of a 'wide boy' i.e walking the walk and talking the talk, I grew up watching  him buy and sell cars (for himself) practically   every few months.  it was an education...   If  I can find it I will scan in a pic of me outside our dump of a house in the east end of london, with me poking my head thru the sun roof of the Mark 3 Jag he had just bought.  But back to the house price,   Matt is going to phone first thing tomorrow to see how the land lays... fingers crossed...

OK I shall depart to make a cuppa...

Sorry no pics this blog;  I shall add some soon.

adios amigos; Louise