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Monday, May 23, 2011

may days on the Island

hey good people;;;

lou back here letting you know the stuff that you were dying to know...

Sat 7th May 2011 - a bit cloudy 27C

Lovely Ted is continuing to cut down the bushes and trees on our land for a few beers; bless...  He has a chainsaw and needs the chain bit fixing which Matt agrees to do, so Matt goes into town while I engage in that favourite Saturday pastime, the garage sale!  I find some great stuff at a house in Arcadia, and meet the lovely owner of the place, April;  I buy a fab painting, and some clothes, then realise after agreeing a price, I am $10 short!  To demonstrate how trusting the folks here are, she just says 'bring it around tomorrow...'  Now I doubt that would ever happen in Sydney...

I had to paint over myself the face in the mirror as it hadn't been finished off!  May 2011

Ted's needs are simple, and he requests a cask (box) of wine, 'Get the blue one, by Stanley wines, its $16.50 at the bottle shop' he tells me and after my garage sale finds I try to get what he wants; but 'bugger me' as they say here, there are 3 colours blue of the type of white wine he wants... I stand like an idiot in the shop, and meekly try to explain to the young chap my dilemma;  'the mid blue  is the most popular' he tells me and rather than stand there looking like I have dementia, I grab the one he suggests and leg it...  On arriving back at our vacant block, Ted is going well with the slasher, but his face slightly falls when he sees the colour of the box of wine... Yep, you guessed it, I have the wrong one.  But Ted, just smiles and says he will drink it anyways and takes it away...   I wonder if giving a box of wine to a man with chainsaw is a good idea?  I perish this thought and as it is Sat night I can indulge in my own glass of box a Snickers Bar... bliss!

Sun 8 May 2011  27C cloudy
Very lazy day;  do bugger all, watch the DVD 'Coco' about Coco Chanel, played by Audrey Tatou, with my mother in law Petah; it's very good and I am so glad I bought it from April at the garage sale the day before.

Tuesday 10 May 

We sell Matt's sub woofer!  I had signs plastered on the usual spots, and we got the full price of $350 for it, so happy days;  

Weds 11 May sunny 26c

I go to see Dr Glavin re those pesky bloody tests I had done, and he is sort of OK about them;  My cholesterol is a bit up from 5.5 to 6.1 and my thyroid function is a bit off wack too, but he says to come back in 3 months for more tests.  At least he didn't say 'don't read any long books'...

Friday 13 April
I have to go into town to get the bi annual mammogram done, I missed out last time as I was on the road.  For those of you who have never had one done, either because you don't have breasts or you are too young let me enlighten you about the procedure.  Before I scar you forever with the details, if you are male, just imagine one of your testicles is being squashed very hard  between two metal plates and you kind of get the drift.  

I arrive in town and jump in that bloody green car and of course, the effing thing does not want to go!  I give up after a bit, realising that I am not doing something right and jump on a bus instead;  I am feeling very flaky, like a person going to be tortured but who can do zip about it... the green car knows this and refuses to start, sensing my mood.

One thing I learn today is that the bus drivers of Townsville, (mostly female) are a mine of information and knowing bugger all about the geography of the place and clutching a referral form which I show, I get there with 30 mins to spare.  

The nurse who scans me is Indian and has a smile when I tell her I'm not nervous, I'm terrified...    I strip to the waist and the torture begins.  She gently grabs my right boob and due to my breasts being a bit on the small side, I am practically getting jiggy with this huge machine... As the top plate comes down onto my breast and begins the squash, I gasp.  'Don't breathe, just scanning now' Nursey says and ducks behind a lead screen.  Breathe!  Is she joking? I can just about stand the pain and mercifully the plate lifts releasing me from its metal grip.  I sag forward in relief.  The other boob has the same treatment and I think to myself 'that was ok' until I hear those dreaded words 'Ok we have to do the side view now...'  Yes, Yes, more of the same.  I realise its 2pm and I had brekky at 7am and my light headiness is probably due to lack of food and oodles of pain. I am told after it has ended, to sit and she will return.

A few minutes later more bad news;  'sorry we need to take an ultrasound now, there is some dense tissue there...'  Seeing the look on my face Nursey assures me that its just routine.  

The nice lady who operates the ultrasound, makes me lie down and smears warm KY Lube all over my boobs; Lovely; Such a shame its not Brad Pitt doing the deed, I tell myself, as my head swims even more.  Luckily the procedure is quick and I avail myself of the cafe next door and indulge in scones and jam & cream;  Not exactly a proper lunch but I find it strangely comforting...

I get back to town and find Deni my sister in law, and let her know I failed with the car - the problem is that its going on the barge back to the island as Aunty Lyn is arriving Monday and will need wheels...  Deni gets to the car with me at 4.45pm and you know what comes next... the friggin thing starts for her!  I wasn't pushing the clutch down hard enough, when jigging the steering wheel and tuning the radio (Ok I am exaggerating a bit here..) but phew! We drive it onto the barge and arrive back on Maggie at 7pm.

Sat 14 May
I get taken with Tom, Deni and Matt to a Cowboys Rugby team game at the Dairy Farmers stadium at the back of Townsville; we catch the 4pm ferry into Townsville, and have dinner at the Cowboys Club.  To be honest, every time Matt is watching a game on TV, I always say the same smart ass line 'what's in that leather handbag they're chasing around the field' to which I now get just a annoyed look.  But seeing it live, is a whole new thing, and I have to say I actually enjoyed it.  (the Cowboys won against Parramatta Eels by the way...)

views of maggie

Arcadia beach 21.5.11

Arcadia beach, left view,  21.5.11

The Arcadia Pub, with one of the many mini mokes in front.  21.5.11

More later amigos;  Matt is home from work - only this week to go; yippee!  and he wants me to help with dinner...