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Friday, May 20, 2011

Arrival on the island - continuing...

dear pals,

Lou here again; just trying to get you up to speed on our move to the island and its trials and tribulations.

Friday 15 April 2011
Matt and I go into town armed with my proper rego details in the vain hope we can get my car registered in this state;  We catch an early ferry to Townsville and get to the Qld Transport as they open, and luck out by seeing the same lady at the counter we saw last time...all sorted!

My hair is a complete mess and I luck out again in finding one that can see me straight away; Beck Jane West is a one woman operation in Denham St., and is a mine of information on all that is going on here.  I walk out looking amazing, the grey ones gone and I am happy I have found a new hairdresser.  (there appear to be none on the island...)

Matt's sister Deni tells him he can start work at Dept of Housing, (her workplace) for 6 weeks if he wants as they desperately need someone to do the filing... Matt agrees and the process begins to sign him up.

Monday 18th April 
Matt gets a phone call from the RV Centre in Sydney who offer us $30k for our van; but it means going to Sydney;  (see our last blog at about our trip down).  

Tues 26 April  - my birthday - I'm 56!

We (Geoff on right) go to Ribs and Rumps Manly for dinner and drinks.

Thursday 28 April 2011
We fly back to Townsville, leaving our bedding and other odds and sods that was with us in the van with Geoff.  Arrive back at Maggie at 4pm - its 27C and lovely...  thank the gods I don't have to wear long pants and a jacket anymore...

We discover an ally in Ted who lives behind us, and kindly wants to help out clearing our block of land, in exchange for a few beers!   He lives alone and I think just likes keeping active;  Matt helps him out where possible.

Fri 29th April
The Royal Wedding!  What a cracker piece of entertainment; the dress, that pink pretzel hat Princess Beatrice was wearing, the Queen looking like a canary; it had it all....  You can say what you like; the Poms do know how do the pageantry thing!

Monday 2 May 2011
By sheer fluke I am on the computer at lunch time and see a newsflash; Osama is dead!  I rush upstairs and tell everyone; no one can believe it, and I watch, live, the speech from Obama.  Well, it took some time, but they got him in the end...  We all agree that OBL being dead will NOT stop the war in Afghanistan, but may slow it down a bit...

Tuesday 3 May 2011
I drag myself to the gym, as Matt has started work I have NO excuse not to go;  he comes home at 6pm and tells me he may not last the 6 weeks as there is a mountain of filing do get through.

Thursday 5 May 2011
My body is aching in bits I didn't even know I had!  That's the problem with being on the road for 9 months and no weight training!  But I need to get my triceps back into shape, especially as its  still hot here (27c) most days and I want to look good in a singlet!  I meet the gym's owner Thommo, who is a big guy that an AK47 would have trouble slowing down.   But he has his own gym, I reason, and why not be an advert for it?

Friday 6 May 2011 27C sunny (the usual so far...)
I get up early and have nothing to eat as I am going for blood tests for my yearly physical; I arrive at 8.30 and the waiting room is crowded.  I go to grab a number and I'm told by a chorus of those assembled 'Don't worry, you're after Mary'.  
I blink, and return the number and sit down with an very old issue of 'Shop till you drop' and await my turn.    I feel very much like an outsider -which if course I am.   The room is like a social club, everyone knows everyone else, and when I finally get in, I tell the nurse that they should install a bar and make a fortune...  The tests will take a few days and I should get the results by Wednesday.

Ok more soon groovers....  love louise