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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July adventures...(the Moods of Maggie...)

Hello moovers and groovers,  Lou here at the helm; 

Just a quick blog to keep you all up to date on what we have been doing here on the island;  I wish I could say wild parties and booze ups or similar, but sad to say, no:  we have been doing the bush walks on the island on the cloudy, cooler days, and taking to the beach on sunny days (like today 5.7.11).  

The changes in the weather here now the "winter" is on, has been quite striking;  see below.

Arthur Bay Beach; 5.7.11 Sunny, calm and 24C - Lovely...Anyone for a pedicure?

cloudy and windy; Nelly Bay 29.6.11; with wind surfers, something I have never seen before on Maggie island...Townsville in the distance:  22C and that wind felt chilly!

Overlooking Rocky Beach 3.7.11; calm again but with a cold wind; good for bushwalking.

But good news on the house front, we are just going through with the paperwork and plan to settle (hopefully) on 21 July or thereabouts. We shall be moving in 23rd July we think, as we want to paint some walls...   I will be taking photos of the new place, and a blog entry will be dedicated to it: Stay tuned...  

One of the visitors to our new place;  We were there checking the garden out, and saw this kookaburra; a baby as the adults here have a turquoise feather on the side.

Now I have to share something; I was listening to my favourite radio station Triple J and one of the presenters was asking people to call in their most embarrassing moments;  We had the usual;  walking to work with the skirt tucked into the back of the knickers;   falling over running for a taxi;  you get the drift.  

This of course led me to think of my many, many embarrassing moments I have endured through life;  I'll share this one with you.

As Esther used to say on 'The Golden Girls'  - picture this, its Sydney 1982 and I am at a new job working for a re-insurance company in Martin Place in Sydney city;  I had only been there for a few weeks and already had realised the boss I was secretary to, Ray Gosling, was a sleazy bastard; but that's another long tale, which I won't go into now;   Anyways I'm in the Ladies toilet and another woman came in the cubicle next to me,  so I left the Ladies and went back into the large open plan office we had and sat at my desk outside Ray's office.

Enter Julie, (for it was she who was next to me in the loo) and quite sarcastically for her as she was one of the top insurance assessors, she shouts out to the whole office; 'Hey guys when Louise sits on the toilet, her feet don't touch the floor!'   

I nearly died!  And what made it worse, was that it was true:  I am 5ft 2 ins or 158 cm and the damn toilets practically needed a stepladder to be able to sit down on them.  Talk about red faced.

One other occasion also came to mind; but it was me making someone else very embarrassed.   

Its 1992 and I am at my then boyfriend Neil's work party for something or someone and this young chap who was looking a bit lost, got chatting to me;  after a few minutes he came out with a pearler; 'I'm so glad to see the Neil got rid of that scraggy redhead Louie he was seeing.'   In a quiet voice I whispered into his ear, 'I'm a brunette now..'   And I followed it up with a look that told him I was NOT joking;  he then put his drink down, checked his watch and quickly made for the door, never to be seen again that night.   Luckily later I saw the funny side and told Neil to tell him 'no hard feelings'.

If any of the blog readers wish to share any similar stories please email me at  and I will use them on the blog (anonymously if you wish).  

Just before I go, I have discovered a new beauty "soap" that is very cheap to make;  and similar to Dove; you just need a bar of cheap body soap (the no frills/home brand is fine) and some cheap Sorbolene hand cream, in a pump dispenser.  Now when you are showering or washing, lather up your hands with the soap, them squirt a dash of hand cream and feel how the lather goes all creamy!  And, you will find that the tightness that soap leaves on the face has gone.  My guess is that  the alkaline (PH) of the soap is changed somehow by the Sorbolene.  Not sure, but its a lot cheaper than Dove Soap and feels the same, and as my friends know,  I am, shall we say, thrifty at times!  Try it,  you'll love it.

Leaving with a great pic of my lovely husband Matt who is having a birthday next week and turns 38...  Happy birthday darling...

More soon; Louise

Here is Matt with Nana Joy's dog Rusty, on Nelly Bay Beach;  29.6.11