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Friday, July 15, 2011

We move into our new house tomorrow (July 16 2011)

dear chums;  Louise here once again.

Just a quick blog to let you all know we are moving tomorrow into our new place!  It was meant to be next week around the 22nd but happily things have moved on a bit faster than anticipated, but we are certainly not complaining;   the only slightly annoying thing is that we shall be without Internet until 22nd as that is the date we booked the Telstra technician to switch us on!  Bugger;  so please leave comments but I shall be unable to respond until later.

Now, I shall give my devoted readers a quick photo tour of the new Casa Byron;  But before I forget I have to tell you all the good news;  this house has been a holiday rental home for its all 4 years of life, and comes fully furnished!  (including cutlery, pots /pans, glassware, plates/cups; 2 toasters, a TV & DVD; Iron and ironing board, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, microwave, small CD player; coffee machine; washing machine, an old and very sad BBQ; & beer fridge.)  All rooms are Air con with remotes.  No garage, but a car port with roof and a shed for garden tools.

We have our own furniture in storage on the island, so we shall be selling most of what you see here in the pics soon;  all offers considered!  Contact me on Facebook;

There is also an outdoor spa bath, which I forgot in all the excitement to photograph;  the gardens (front and back) are quite small, as there are 2 houses on one block; but it has lots of potential.  It has a grey/white interior which makes it a bit sterile looking but with a few home touches and an odd paint can, we think we can transform it to the home we have always wanted.

Here is the deck at the front of the house;  15.7.11; the decking needs sanding and repainting desperately.  Not a job we are looking forward to...

The flash bounced off the kitchen here a bit, as it is so pale,  but you can get the idea. Looks a bit sterile at the mo, but we are thinking a bit of colour on the walls may be what is needed.

That awful brown sofa is a futon bed and the whole  house sleeps 12.
Not a too bad modular lounge next to it.  Needs a bit of a clean.

Looking to the end of the house; that's a glass table with chairs; Going cheap!  (I have an antique table in storage that I know will look great in that spot..)

Bedroom 1; we get all bedding except sheets and towels which belong to local laundry.

Bedroom 2; think those bunks may need to go, unless we open a backpackers?

Bedroom 3; main one, it has a  big mirrored sliding door built in wardrobe which I am not keen on, but for now I will live with.  

the ensuite bathroom ; Oooh ; Luxury...

 Bedroom 4; you can walk onto the deck from both main bedrooms above.

the main bathroom with indoor spa bath; Oooh more luxury; I need bubble bath lotion and Brut champagne to enjoy that properly I think. (Matt are you listening?)

So that's about the end of the tour;  as you can see it looks and feels like a 'holiday rental' home, but with a bit of TLC and hard work we can make it look how we want...  I would love to have solar panels, a worm farm, rainwater tanks, and a grey water system, but money is a bit tight, so that may have to wait for a while. 

We have plenty of rooms now, so if any of our friends want to come and stay please let me know.

Once again, we will be without net access (we think) until 21st July, but we may have some walls painted and if I have the strength I'll do a blog showing our changes; We also have the gardens to fiddle with, a new experience for me, and I would love to start a veggie patch.  

Not much other news to report, just been bushwalking, lying on the beach, shopping here and there and packing up the flat under Matt's folks where we have been living since April 2nd.  It's Matt's mum Petah's birthday in a few days so 'Happy Birthday' to her.

adios amigos and will catch up soon.