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Saturday, August 6, 2011

moving in! July 29th 2011

dear hipsters and dipsters;

Louise at the blog helm -  taking a well deserved break from moving in to our house in Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island.  I so hate moving house; there is a sea of boxes outside the door where I am sitting, but I am ignoring their siren call to be unpacked.

Talk about stressful; I can see why most sane people hate moving home; then again, I had the big ones, the top 3 stress makers when we left Sydney in 2010; my Dad had died recently, I had retired, and we had to pack up a flat in Narraweena (Sydney) that I had moved into in 1996 (Matt joined me in 1997); Matt and I had just bought our camper van to do our trip around Aussie, and it slowly dawned on us, that when we left that flat we would be, technically, homeless...

We had a good cry just before we shut the door, waved goodbye to the removalists and jumped into our new home; the camper van.

This time its all happening in reverse;  after trying three times to get the local transport chap to agree to a day to get our stuff from the storage units in Nelly Bay, we finally pinned him down to last Friday;  which worked out well as we had managed to do a deal with Peter, the local secondhand dealer, to take a lot of the stuff we had that went along with the house when we purchased it;  so, the 2 x queen beds went, plus the 2 sets of bunk beds (see photos in last blog of these items).  The glass topped dining table and chairs, plus the bar fridge, and the outside benches and table, all departed in the back of Peter's van;  his chum Doug came to lend him a hand, and somehow the 3 of us got it all unhinged, de-legged and wrapped and away.

Matt at this time was at Nelly Bay storage, packing our furniture on the back of a huge truck to bring over here.  It all worked out like clockwork - completely by accident - and as the truck arrived with Matt, Peter was departing and the fun work began.  Not!

Luckily, Bayden and Paddy came with Matt and the truck and we  all slowly began to unload the beastie.  Trust me, you do NOT need aerobics after humping boxes up and down and into our house;

the chaos, the chaos!  time for a Valium... 29.7.11

Before I forget, let me tell you about the Jason Gosh leather lounge we have;  a great story on how I got this sofa set, but I am only going to give out the brief version;  I won it; on a quiz show in 1993 called 'Sale of the Century' and it was worth $20k back then and comes with a 3 seater lounge which I gave to my ex!  When we opened the storage unit on our end of our trip around Aussie, the green leather lounge was covered my friends, covered I say, all over in green mould!  It looked like it had been sprayed on, it was that bad.  But I leapt into action and found on the E-how web site how to clean mould off a leather sofa; so armed with this,  Matt and I kept the lounge suite on the decking and it took a whole day to sort out; brush mould off wearing a paper mask each, wash  off with warm soapy water, air dry, then cover liberally with a 2:1 mix of white vinegar and linseed oil.  People, it was like bloody Lazarus raising from the dead.  It came up like new...  We left it overnight and gave it a polish in the morning and heaved a huge sigh of relief that the treatment worked.

Our linseed oil covered lounge after 7 hrs work, rests and restores on the deck: 31.7.11; we buffed it up next day and it looks FAB.

I  have 2 leather jackets that I need to perform the same trick on; one I have had since about 1975 (brown bomber jacket) and when I have the energy I shall give it a once-over.

Sat 6 Aug 201

I am happy to say we have unpacked all the boxes now and of course, ONE is missing, the one with our   phone/answering machine combo in it plus a huge  A3 size gold covered wedding album with black pages that I was hoping to put our Vegas wedding pics in.  This was the last box to be packed in Sydney as we were waiting for the phone to be cut off;  Matt has sent an email to the removalists to see if by some miracle they have it; but all I can say is bloody bollocks!   Not a great loss but just an annoying one!

What else; well we had a walk from here to the local beach last week;  see pic below;

the local horse ranch at the end of our street takes tourists for a swim riding their horses!  29.7.11

the local snorkelling and jet ski place at Horseshoe beach;  29/7/11

As this is the first home we have actually ever owned, I get it now.  How you can spend all day fiddling around, painting walls, cleaning things, moving stuff around, and then suddenly realise its 5pm and where did the day go?  We still have a deck to sand back and re-stain, pictures to hang on the walls, a garden veggie bed to dig in and a clothes hoist that does not sit properly and that is too high and I can just about reach it, at the moment;  But I have to tell myself, we have only been here 5 mins and these things take time....

Anyways it is 'wine o'clock' (7pm) so I will close now and post a new blog soon;  adios amigos... Louise